Monday, October 22, 2007

Raya 2007

Everytime raya in Penang, I won't be put in the cooking section since we got mak-mak sedara for that. Instead I'll be put in charge to the creative tasks like langsir and bunga etc although I'm not creative myself. So for this year's, I had to finish up the langsir. What tool did they present me with? This very ancient metal thing sitting on top of cracked wood. I bet it's over 50 years in age.


Lots of configuration had to be done. Tarik-tarik. Pusing-pusing. Alahai antiknya mesin nih.... Apasal benang putih kuar kat lubang tu jadi itam??!


Engineer to be also busy plotting with the wires. That paddle is actually broken into two. Still acik insisted it can be used. Adeiii.


This little girl right here is just adorable. Listen to her talking and you'll quickly find out how smart she is. Dah la comel, cakap omputih plak tu. Ala geram!


Something is not right in this picture.


Abah comel!


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