Thursday, October 25, 2007


I've been a offered a job. The thing is I wasn't even looking. They came to me. What puts me in dilemma is while I like being here (great boss, great colleagues, great everything...), their package isn't that much dissapointing at all. If I took up the offer, it'll be like working in SYABAS - great environment, alot of opportunities to expand, lots of programming and integration issues waiting to be solved, and the scale of project is always huge. It will be a very challenging post. For someone who came from that environment a couple of years back and then got here and has since been really laidback (some call it 'easy' job - but I call it much less hectic job than the one I had before but rewarding all the same on many different levels), I think like I'm losing my touch. I used to be quick and current.

We have something big coming our way here and I see lots of prospects. That alone leaves me every night thinking it over and over again.

Motivation is one funny thing. Some get motivated by themselves - they put their own initiatives and they make it work. Some need reminders and constant push from someone/something. Me? I'm both. Now which one will make me a better employee?


I got a call yesterday morning asking me to come in for an interview for another post (but I turned them down). Honestly speaking, I don't know what to make of this.

I had planned to stay here long. But when circumstances like this comes up, pening pening...

I haven't talked to Ganee about this but I'm sure he'll be supportive. Syuk will say something just to let it out of his mind but I know he is supportive as well. These are great managers. They offer advice no matter how small the problem is. I'm not expecting a counter offer because a good company won't do that. I know what lays ahead for these 2 different directions. At the end of the day I should be asking myself what my objectives in life are.

Looks like a long post. Well I didn't mean to. It's just something I need to get off my mind because nobody knows about it.

I need food.

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