Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Somebody tried to break into our house

This morning, around 4am, when I was about to go to sleep, I heard something or someone at my window. I'm sure it's not cat because I waited for a while to make sure of it. The thing at my window was trying to open it. I quickly ran to get abah n mak. I could've waited and see who it was behind the curtain but since spontaneity and quick thinking are not one of my favorable traits, I was quickly overwhelmed with fear. The break entry just only happened 2 weeks ago! And here it was trying to get in again, at my window! When I was alone in the room!

The window has iron grills for extra protection. I could've have just waited a little longer and waited for the hand to come in and slashed it with whatever thing I could find. Instead I just sat there and I was just too terrified if whatever it was outside my window trying whatever it was trying to do, looked at me. I didn't want to know who or what it was either. To be honest, I was shaking so bad. I couldn't form a straight line when I told abah about it, I just pointed him to my window in my room. Abah and Muaz went out of the house to check. Muaz ended up sleeping in the living room watching out for me and mak came in to share my small bed with me until subuh.

I've mentioned before how I hate this neighborhood. One of the reason is this lah.

I can't imagine what would've happened if I was asleep at that time. I'm not a light sleeper, you know. I was watching movies the whole night because I had enough sleep already in the car getting back from Penang. So I thought okay let's do some movies and stay up late. Who would've thought that the thief would be so desperate last night? He obviously knew there were people in the house.

I woke up this morning feeling disorganized and a little bit intimidated. Now I feel a little disturbed at being alone in my room. I'm going to have to get that scissors under my pillow...

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