Monday, October 22, 2007

I am tired

I don't understand the hype surrounding sending a malaysian to outer space. Well, maybe I do but I was less ecstatic when I heard their plan a year ago, to be honest with you.

Ask any children in the US about who they want to be when they grow up. Most of them would answer an astronaut or a waitress (I don't know why they like waitresses) or a millionaire. Ask a malaysian children, standard answer should be doctor, teacher, lawyer, accountant or an architect. When asked you don't want to be an astronaut?? Astro-what? They would fire you back. Now suddenly everyone wants to be an astronaut.

That's actually good, I have nothing againts it. What bugs me is the kesedaran masyarakat itself about the existence and the possibility of such height is actually achievable. Why now? Why not 10 years ago? When all the hype and the glamour hits you then suddenly you want to be it. See the typical malaysian attitude here? Sudah terjatuh baru tergadah or something like that.

While I'm proud to see a malaysian flag on the astronaut uniform, I'm so dissapointed at the role we play in the arena. I'd like to see a qualified malaysian flight engineer or a qualified malaysian scientist up there in the space. Not just some people doing experiments on behalf of other people just because other people can't go but he can.

I believe he is a smart man. He's a doctor for pete's sake. He's the chosen one among thousand others. Of course he went through that rigorous selection process. So that shows he deserves to go. Maybe this is a good first step towards space exploration for Malaysia.

But I already heard there's a plan of sending a second malaysian to go next time. And the amount of money they're going to spend - RM100mil ok. That much for one person. He better be an engineer or scientist, qualified by a known reputable institution. Meaning he takes all the test and passes, so baru la betul berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah. Bila other qualified astronauts saying things behind our back, then kita boleh back up. Ini sibuk dok compare dengan negara yang less developed, or negara yang tak penah hantar orang ke space. Seriously speaking lah kan, if you want to do a comparison, compare yourself with a better one so you will strive better. Kalau compare dengan orang yang lagi kurang, sampai sudah tak abes-abes megah sorang-sorang ye tak.

Just now visited someone in HTAR Klang. The condition there ya rabbiiiiiiiiii... punya la padat sampai tempat untuk one bed boleh share for four! Haaa RM100mil tu kalau diguna untuk expand hospital bagus jugak. Upgrade sikit part toilet untuk visitors tuh. Tak pun bagi better pay for the medical practitioners so takde la muka diorang asik masam jek sebab kena keja on weekend. Tak pun kalau nak guna jugak untuk alam maya space tu, start sponsoring bright students to study at NASA boleh? I think they didn't sponsor students to study aerospace before because the lack of job opportunities here. So if they sponsor still, the students won't come back and work here so that's considered a waste of money... so they opt for medics instead. Betul tak teori ni?

Oh mannn... I'm so tired and really need to go to bed. I'm feeling so malas to buat keje and sooooo penat (just got back from Pahang) but have to force myself switch on this notebook and in the effort of not switching it off back, I've been cursing dalam diam and lamenting so loudly so everyone in the house can hear me and know how malas and tired I am right now and they all advise me to just to go sleep - work can start tomorrow but against my own will my hands and my eyes have been awaken by a dose of caffeine. What can I do? Everything should be ready by tomorrow for testing. I have only 2 hands and can be at one place at a time. It is well known that I might not sleep at all tonight getting the job done. It should've been completed if it's not because of cuti raya and raya party at the office and this stupid *tooooot* keep on and on and on weighing myself down.

Oh well. I'm feeling sleepy.





Ooohh I love how a cake batter smells. That's how a home should smell like.

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