Monday, November 20, 2006


The weekend has been good to me, thanks to completion of review on MUIB. Some changes still needed but that can wait. But there's THE UAT SCRIPT. And THE FRIGGIN UAT ITSELF. I wish time would stop for a week and I can take my own sweet time working on it with Siti.

Anyway, that aside. I'm here to report that I've done some serious mall tour with Adda today. Huwallamak kopaakkkk. Everytime shopping is involved, it always becomes a serious one. Take us to Bingo and we could spent hours in there pusing-pusing looking around and trying some. And always, ALWAYS we ended up buying. It's retail therapy, sure but still what bugs us here the most is the price tags. But who can say no to cute little girlie blousy... they wink at us all the time. And winks can be such an attractive come-on-over... hahaha...

My daily footwear to work has given up on me. I got a new one. My toiletries, of all the time they can choose to run out, they choose now. Takleh tunggu aku balik ke haa... isk. And I had to get new ones. My wrist watch is another thing. Dah nak putus. Haiya. Tunggu balik mesia la jawabnyer. Nda kose beli sini bah.


My first air cincau since the first day in Brunei. I had it the other day. Can you believe that. Cincau is like my second favourite drink. It's not that difficult to find it here. But to have not thought about it for over 2 months is just puzzling.


Is this a suitable artwork to put in a cafe????? Nampak macam malas jek. Where's the fun people.


You can find this virtually in every house in Brunei. Keropok udang. Krup krap krup krap.

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