Friday, November 3, 2006


I couldn't wait to get back home to blog this. On my way home today, somebody called me on the phone with withheld number right. So I picked it up with the formal hello, not knowing who was on the other line.

I couldn't make any word of what he was saying. But it was definitely not english or cantonese or tamil or anything malaysian or I would've known. I couldn't guess the language.

Mysterious guy: mumbo jumbo gumbo dumbo blah blah....
Yours truly: Hello? Hello??.... Hello????
Mysterious guy: .... the jumbos again....
Yours truly: Who is this? Do you speak english?

I was on the verge of hanging up but I was so keen on knowing what was going on. Was there something wrong with my ear? Or was it the guy speaking malay with such an accent it deceived me?

And then, I heard one distinct sentence.

Mysterious guy: Tu parle francais?

Wait a minute. I know what that means.

Yours truly: Errr... no I don't speak french.
Yours truly: *thinking hard with heart pounding fast* (how do I say a little in french? how do I reply him in french?) .....
*silence continues*
Yours truly: .... (eh this weird silence is killing me)

Then I hanged up. It was so intriguing! I enjoyed it very much I feel like I'm insane... oh yeah! It's true. Seconds after all these came to me. Non, je ne parle pas francais. Je suis malaisienne. Parlez-vous anglais? C'est qui? Je ne comprend pas. Aiyak, I let my future golden riak moment pass me by.

Anyway I don't know who called me. I'm pretty sure it was some foreigner wrong dialled me up. But it sure made me giggle like a mad woman in the car all the way home.

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