Monday, November 27, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Aahhhh Sundays. What a perfect day of not doing anything and just watch a string of DVDs. This is rarely the Sunday when I don't have to think about work or doing them. I believe this is true for Adda and Siti as well. What true taking-a-break.

Kak Liza had an invitation to a wedding reception. Adda and Siti followed but I chose to stay in. Besa la kalau that time of the month, konfem mesti the cramp tunjuk belang nye lah. Can't really move or sit comfortably. Yang tensen tu sampai berpeluh sebab tahan sakit even I'm in air conditioned room. I need constantly to keep my hand warm and put it on my stomach. I think it's just psycho tapi it gives me the feeling of warmth. Hey whatever works, I'm just going to do it. The cramp last for a day. What else can I do (say no to the pink pills).

They're out again for dinner. I can move comfortably now but I don't think I'll be comfortable being dressed up, far from the comfort of home (and bed). And my newly acquired bantal kecik.


Thinking of going to bed early but we'll see.

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