Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sorry peeps

I've deleted the previous post (the 20th's).

After some thought, it's just not me to rattle on such undistinctive subject. I think it was the empty stomach I was on. You know how hunger can repel you in some odd ways. I was not writing with my usual self. And for that I truly regret what I said.

I've made a decision. Even though I haven't posted entries on various annoying people I've met in Brunei, I've decided not to talk bad about them from now on. But that's only if I'm not forced to. But even that, I'll talk about them with both my and his/her dignity in mind. I've decided that others have feelings too and I'm not going the one to be the reason to hurt them. I am not going to judge based on one side of the story. I am not going to believe right away what I see but I'm going to take a moment to reason everything up so at least I can come up with a few reasonable explanations of their action; consequently preventing myself from menambah dosa tak tentu pasal sebab mengata...huhu.... Even if it's true they are annoying beyond help, that's their problem.

I am going to follow abah's example of not mengata orang. He always has his own views and always bersangka baik dengan orang. I've never heard him saying anything bad about other people. I get him though: Islam suruh kita jaga silaturrahim dengan sesama kita. He doesn't say it but he sends the message out loud and clear.

So that boils down to this: I'm a muslim. I know that everyone's not perfect and I know there's people who just can't change. But it's about me here and how I'm going to live my life. So I'm going to take everything I see as a pinch of salt. And I'm going to watch my words coming out of my mouth. And I'll give my damnest best try to always think before speaking up.

Just so you know Adda and Siti, when I mentioned "various annoying people I've met in Brunei", you're not on the list.

This is an out of ordinary post. Maybe because I'm starving. Ooh the empty stomach again....

I'm going to take my shower now. It's already noon...

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