Thursday, November 16, 2006

In an attempt to bersangka baik...

...towards hajah. I know I'm not going to succeed but here goes:

1. She is being largely misunderstood by everyone of us. Maybe she means something else, something nice, but it's so cryptic it's hard to decipher by us normal people.

2. She has this personality and character issues which hasn't been solved. She's in need of professional help. In other words, she's probably sick. And she'll be embarrased if anyone knows so she keeps it to herself.

3. She had a very bad experience with us malaysians in the past. She seems to hate malaysians so much, some discrimination act is in full view at the office.

4. She has too much pressure at home, with kids and all so she takes it out all on us.

5. Maybe it's birth defects. Who knows.

6. She's just too busy to be nice to us all. You know how dedicated people work right. They have other priorities. Career development for instance. Climbing up the career ladder must be it since she so likes the Snoopy with the songkok and misai.

7. She has food disorder. Another wild guess that may have something to do with it, although doesn't seem likely, but who knows right.

8. She's giving us hell because she wants to toughen us all up. She believes that if we can stand her, we can stand the world. Or so.

9. She's on menopause??

10. She's older so she knows better. And is wiser too. So she's better than all of us and we should all follow her advise. She's always right.

Oh gee what am I doing here?? Didn't I tell you it wouldn't be a success? This is bull. But I score anyway because I tried.

Anyways. I'm so out of her radar. Not that I crave for her recognition. In fact I'm so glad that she doesn't. I'll be on my way out soon and quit all this shit. I'm not gaining anything with her in it.

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