Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bad energy

I was such in a bad mood yesterday. And it got worse last night sampai family plak terkena tempias. Ala sian... I think the mood is here to stay, until the day when I fly back home on next Thursday.

Abah & co is in Pahang at the moment. I had been wondering why they hadn't they been online for almost a week. Turned out they're having problems with TMnet kat umah. Abis cerita la kalau camtu. Diorang nyer service paham2 je la. Anyway, they took the trouble to get online at Mak Tih's last night. Installing Google Talk and everything. I rejected the call at first but then abah said mak wanted to talk. So I received the next one. Borak-borak sampai la cakap ngan Otel, then he kena marah over he not finding the shared document I sent him weeks earlier. Tu la bad mood nyer pasal, tak pasal2 jek kena marah.... isk. Sian family aku.

Ye la next week I'm going back. Looking forward to be home.

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