Thursday, January 19, 2006


Ok I'm in hurry. So what's new?

[1] Tadak sore. I've been giving lectures to my fellow anak murid from all district regarding the new system. 9 to 5 straight mannn... break only on lunch but it was cold drink that was going through my trachea. Knew drinking warm plain water wouldn't help anyway so what the heck. If it's bad, make it worse. It might just work for you.

[2] You know that invisible bugs that walking on dirty and old bedsheets and totos?? Aaaargghhhh they have strike again. Last time it was my legs. Now they're attacking my arms and neck. What laaa... gatal siut... dahla nampak kesan merah pehtu tinggal scar plak. Cukup la kaki menjadi mangsa. Ini sume gara-gara toto tu! Tak moh guna dah! Only one night and the consequences are all too painful to bare... ceewah cam drama plak. Tapi gatal laaaa... takleh sentuh langsung nanti merenyam2 rasa

[3] My indian neighbour, I'm calling her auntie Jayanti from now on lah, so auntie Jaya told mak a story about the taman we're residing. Turned out there was a murder in a house like 2 blocks away from ours. But it's on the other end of the road lah, sib baik tak dekat. 1 block ada dalam like 20 houses so kira jauh gaklah. That house is for sell for less than half of its price = RM50k. Like, whoa. Single storey 3 bedroom terrace house ler... The reason: Some guy rented the place lah, and then someday they kidnapped a girl and asked the family for a ransom RM 1mil but the parents thought it was a joke so they ignored it. Finally they smashed the girl's head and dug an 8 feet hole. They dumped the girl there, unconcious but probably still alive and buried here. Some time later only the police caught the people who did it. It was her boyfriend. Creepy. Auntie Jaya said there were news all over the paper tapi tak penah nampak pon. Mungkin tak prasan... Anyway it gives me creeps anytime I'm driving along that road... eeeiiii

That's all I can think of at the moment. As I said I'm in hurry. So I typed whatever came to my head. Gosh I have an appoinment!

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