Saturday, January 14, 2006

Random updates

Back at work (bila la diorang nak kasik cuti ari sabtu nieee...). Penat tak terkata eventhough I hadn't done anything major except 'kemas'ing my room. But then it's not even finished yet since I couldn't use the almari lah. Isk! Bila la diorang nak datang abiskan keje niee..... I still have to dig deep in my 2 big boxes of clothes to find anything to wear these days. And I don't know which kotak has the bedsheets. So now I'm sleeping on the naked mattress. Whatever. So long I have the bed.

I've developed some bintik-bintik gatal on my left wrist. How did it end up there I have no idea. Geli geleman nengok...eiiii... merenyam! I just noticed it yesterday when it got so itchy. But luckily today it's showing some obedience to stop spreading over my arm, although it left me a reddish spot to look at.

Last night went to Pak Tam's and had the chance of snapping a rare pic of Laila smiling (below is not it). She's adorable when she does. Muka manis betul lah. Not to mention she having long lashes, got that from her dad lah tuh.



Nampak cam adik beradik ke nih??? Kakak muka lain, adik muka lain.

Irwan has finally proposed his girlfriend and now is engaged! Good good. Saw the pics just now. Heran la zaman skang ni kalau bertunang yang lelaki tu pon ikut skali. Kalau zaman dulu orang2 tua je yang datang sarung cincin...

Tomorrow I'll be out of town. Monday back again at work. Oh this is neverending! I want to watch some movies!!!! Help me!!!!!!!

p/s: to all my indian friends, Happy Ponggal Day! Although I'm not very fond of my new neighbourhood, I'm thankful for the neighbour that we have (they're nice indians). It's quite bizarre actually considering that I have never lived in rumah teres or flats or any rumah yang attached ngan rumah lain. It was always one house with yards for everything from gardening to playing badminton to parking the cars. Well maybe in my kid years I did but I don't remember much about it. More on that later lah.

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