Monday, January 30, 2006

A 2 hour escapade

It is not as adventurous as it sounds but I did go out in the middle of my OT hours. I'm in office. Came here in the morning and suddenly thought, gosh! I haven't seen a movie since when? October?? September? So I checked movie listing out and guess what Pride and Prejudice was showing at 11.20am and only 1 show today and only at Mid Valley. It was 9.30 so I got out and went for it. I had been wanting to see it for so long but had never had the time or the friend or the money or the motivation. So there. It proves pms is one great inspiring thing.

So I just came back and it was good. Engaging and touching movie. I'm so glad that I went alone...hehe... Some people might roll their eyes and say "Tengok movie sorang-sorang??! Peliknyaaa.." I mean whatever. I prefer to watch movies like that alone. Entahlah, I've been doing it since USM. I enjoy groups of friends coming along too but once in a while it does me good to unwind alone. Some people might feel self-conscious about themselves, feeling everyone's eyes are on them. Some just wont feel right walking into cinemas alone. Some just wont do it. I probably just feel different about it that's all.

Ok lah better start working. I have money to make here.

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