Saturday, January 7, 2006


Was stuck in traffic last night on my way home after work for 2 hours. Oh my god.

This morning (rainy and me abit blurry), mak asked me to check the car battery + radiator.
Yours truly: Bateri ok. Air radiator ok.
Mak: *reaching for the wiper water bottle*
Yours truly: Tak yah bukak le mak nyer. Leh nampak air takat mana.
Mak: *ignoring me*
*prap tup tup tup...*
Mak: eh.... ya Allah. Lagu mana leh jatuh ni? Tak nampak pun tutup tu. Tadi dia jatuh tang sini. Mana pi?
Yours truly: Mak!! Isk! Kang dia kacau belting ke hape ke... isk
Friendly neighbour butted in: Kenapa? Itu tutup sudah jatuh itu bawah ka?
Yours truly: *wrinkled face*

After so much trouble trying to find the tutup...........
Mak: Jom pi kedai suruh depa cari. Sat lagi dia kacau engine. *more searching in progress* Mana pi mende Allah tu?
Yours truly: Ala mak kaklong dah lambat ni. Takyah la gi. Lecehla *search search*

Yours truly: Kaklong rasa dia jatuh kat plate kat bawah tu la. Tak nampak. *muka masam*
Mak: Jom pi kedai.
Yours truly: Takyahla... lambat dah nih *muka masam lagik*
Mak: You're willing to take the risk?
Yours truly: *pikir mode*
So we headed to the bengkel. They couldn't find the tutup either. Maybe dah jatuh on the way there. So they replace the bottle lah. RM35. Mak yang ngulur.

A bit disturbed with my muka masam mode for the whole thing. It's my mother I was talking to. Doesn't matter whose fault was it. So I calmed down and smiled.

Mak: Nanti balik kul brapa?
Yours truly: *with so much gentler tone* Tengoklah. 4 jam. Petang nanti kot.
Mak: Kalau Ammar tepon kang kaklong tulong ambik ye
Yours trulu: Ye lah

With that I drove off to office.

Was almost involved in an accident if I hadn't been that alert. Had never pressed the break pedal like that my whole life. I think the bus driver was drunk or sleepy or something. He made a sudden swerve to the right. There were a couple of cars behind it and then me. There were screeches. What's more, there was another bus behind me. Luckily it stopped just in time. It was that close.

I've been thinking if it was because of my lembut hati with mak saved me. What if I had left with so much anger and frustation towards mak? Huuuiiihhhh.... satu pengajaran tuuuu....

Ok I have a sore throat. And today it's starting to itch. Been coughing every now and then since morning.

On a very much lighter note, I got the pink Goggle sweater I was eyeing weeks earlier. Hehe.... Bad things happen for a reason. They make you appreciate life a little bit more. The way I see it:

The car + throat + almost there car accident + traffic < the pink sweater

Since the car and accident is not likely to happen soon:

the pink sweater - (the car + almost there accident) > the throat + traffic

So that translates to: Anytime I have the pink sweater, I'll be happy even there's sore throat and traffic in sight, since the pink sweater now carries a value so much greater then throat's and traffic's combined.

So this equation is true for now....heheheheheheheh....

I better start working now or I'll be home late.

p/s: Happy belated birthday abah! It's actually yesterday. Many many many happy returns. We're always praying for your safe return home and for us to be together again.

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