Friday, February 3, 2006

One night at a very sempit house...

Hmm.... where would I sit?? Every good seat is taken. There is one but it's between Ammar + Otel. *sits abruptly*


That's me on Otel


That's Ammar on my right. Poor boy he's doing his homework. The table was full with either kotaks or pinggan mangkuk mak, prearranged in brand + frequency of use order before stuffing them all in the cabinet.


It's good that Mueh is ironing his clothes before going back to his place. Or else I would've done the same to him...eheheheh. But I'll think twice though, he's not as the same playful as Otel + Ammar are.


So there's me sitting tengah2. They were busy with homeworks and texting gf so who wouldn't have been bothered by me yeaa.


eheheheheh.... big sister acting like their little sis watching tv. Not long after that I had to sambung keje menyumbat the dishes into the cabinet.

Looking at the effort I had to put in when I want to watch tv, I don't think it'd be a problem next time when they're around.

p/s: Oh I knew it. Today is not a productive one for me. The only day working this week. What laaa... why couldn't it be total week off. Kan senang.

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