Monday, June 27, 2005


I remember the entry I wrote about book Forbidden Love by Norma Khouri (sold under title Honor Lost in US) that was a non-fiction written based on true story, only to be discovered later that it wasn't.

I tried googling for the author but only outdated news came up. Whatever happened to that woman?? And what of the books? Last year I heard they were to be withdrawn from sale.

I read the book (thanks to the wonderful bookcrossers, again) just before I got to know about the news. Even then I felt angry at the way Ms. Khouri described Islam. It was like hatred and revenge were all over the pages. Being a muslim, nobody can blame me. Everyone would react the same way if their faith and religion is being seriously offended. What made me furious was that the facts were not even correct. And the book was a bestseller.

Norma Khouri: Tragic Lies

I wonder what's happened to her since then?

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