Monday, July 11, 2005

Weekend summed up

I was out of town since Thursday and just got back here yesterday. Now that all my brothers are gone and safe in their places, it's down to only me and mom at home. How quiet. So many things happened during the weekend so I'm just going to brag it all about it here one shot.

It's not like I just got to know about it but it pissed me off so bad I had to jot it here. I hate the way Penang bridge looks these days. It's one of main attractions and now it's like driving through a tunnel! People wants to see the breathtakingly beautiful view but they're so clever they blocked the sight. I believe the reason behind it is to not have traffic jams due to the typical attitude of kepohci's slowing down to kepoh2 on acidents on the other side of the road. Which leads me to number 2.

Oh man the Penang traffic during peak hours! If only I could fly and escape the agonizing torture of it. During this hours you won't see any empty spaces on the road that are not spared by the drivers. The result is something like 10 lanes are trying to become 2. Massive traffic jam. Not to mention the samseng2 gentlemen and ladies alike. Haiya.. nightmare. No offense penangites. Thank god I'm in KL where the traffic is still bearable.

Since we don't have Astro at home, while in Penang last Saturday was my first time wacthing AF. I was wondering what was the buzz all about. Yes I know the existence long ago but I failed to see how is it going to help me to become rich? heh! And for the first time I saw Mawi, the most celebrated student. Wow he's good. His voice is something.

Earlier that day I saw the newspaper's headline. The bombing at London. I don't understand these people. What do they get out of killing innocent people?

My brother and I went to BJ for his campus stuff. It's been long and I made it a point whenever I was there I had to get the VCD's/DVD's. I used to get clear good movie vcd's there once. The best buy was the Band of Brothers set for RM25. Well that was waaaayy before the nationwide cetak rompak campaign. I believe it has nevertheless sprouted back rapidly. Who can blame them. I for one got myself 8 DVD's for RM56....muaahahahahahahahh! Me and my entertainment-exhausted self. Who can blame me.

Oh yes I stumbled upon Fuji booth as well. Got interested to buy one digital camera. Seriously tempting. The guy there was enthusiastically explaining and demonstrating when in the end I changed my mind. Sorry ya guy... it was part of your job scope anyway... eheheh... My concious didn't allow me to spend.

On way back home yesterday, there was a unusual traffic at NKVE Shah Alam toll plaza. I was stunned they closed the all routes on NKVE to Klang. Later on I found out about the collapsed flyover in construction. Luckily no one's dead. In turn today the Federal looked pretty bad catering to all for Klang-KL motorists.

Received PPS little tee upon arriving home. Made my day!

Hmm.. I'm in the age range where my friends are sending wedding invitation cards to each other. Truly, can't afford decent gifts for all of you dear friends. I'll work out on something though. In the mean time, for you joyful newly wedded couples (or going-to-be's), have fun! I'm dedicating this to you. I don't know whether it's probably because of Gwyneth or the lyrics (or both), I love this wicked song!

Just My Imagination
Gwyneth Paltrow & Babyface

Each day through my window I watch him as he passes by
I say to myself I'm so lucky he's so fly
To have a boy like him is truly a dream come true
Out of all the girlies in the world, he belongs to you

GP & B:
But it was just my imagination
Runnin away with me
Tell you it was just my imagination
Running away with me

Soon we'll be married and raise a family
Have a cozy little crib in the country with two children maybe three
I tell you I can visualize it all baby
It couldn't be a dream cause too real it all seems

GP& B:
Everynight on my knees I pray, dear lord hear my plea yea
Don't ever let another take his love from me or I will surely die
Heavenly when your arms unfold me, I hear the tender upsity
But in reality, he doesn't even know me

Of course it's not only a mere imagination anymore is it? Happy couples, I wish you all the best and may this be a start to a wonderful journey.

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