Monday, June 13, 2005

Don't read this - it's depressing

Bad morning to start with today. Had a chat with a concern HR exec just now. Abah might lose his job. And we might have to move out of the house. Shit!

Why la KDN have you asked of us this much? It all started from you you sick heartless sickening bunch of people. You've done enough damage that you've taken away an innocent man from his family. Now the family has to pay too? Like we hasn't all this while. And we're not even supposed to. We've been unbelievably patient and had come to understand, although under very unbelievebly difficult condition, that abah is doing his service to help uphold the country's honor in some way. Now what he gets in return? Apart from his hanging by a thread family condition, what else do you want lah KDN? Squash him flat? Who the hell are you?? By right he should've been out a year ago and probably we wouldn't have to face this. But noooo... everything must go your way. You suddenly said 2 years were not going to be enough and then you raised the bar to another 2 years? What the hell are you doing? You can't find anything to chuckle about under your nose so you keep detaining him there for WHAT??! A glorious moment of victory?? Oh God save it! I don't want to know. I want my abah back you piece of *&#^#*&@!!


My family keeps detoriating but we try to keep it strong for each other everyday. Luckily even when he's far abah always manage to calm us down with his wise words. He truly sheds light to what it means to be a muslim. Truth be told, violence is not our way of doing things. Or rebellious acts for that matter (seriously what good does it bring?). It's a blessing to be part of his life. I can't talk about abah without felling welled up inside. It's a pity how a respected professional is taken down with such disgraceful way. There goes his reputation and his recognized services with the government, all to the drain. Would you return that to abah, KDN? You have no heart and I'm sorry for that.

In times like this, I always remember what abah wrote to me 2 years ago when I was studying: Innallaha ma'asabirin. It brings some kind of assurance to my heart.

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