Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Get this: Would you prefer being a law-abiding goody-two-shoes driver on road or hell-unleashed I-am-the-king-of-road one? Be advised that most people would prefer the later. Yeah I can see the wannabe lights are beaming already on radar. Do you have the guts to be one?

I wish I could be one but then I got a very motherly tutor since earlier in my age who's very strict herself... *sigh* So no luck there... eheh... I guess I don't live up to the reputation, having a car with a Penang plat number. All Penangites out there!! I give you my full support. Be proud of what you are! You certainly can't find anywhere else for reckless drivers as reckless and impudent as Penangites. So keep it up as long as doesn't help the accident statistics go sky high.

~*cough cough*~

I have to thank these brilliant brilliant Italian authors to have come out with this brilliant brialliant Power Point presentation. They surely represent the 90% of drivers population in the world. Go see! Ahahahahahahahahaahhh... made my day that one.

Off to play hide and seek.

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