Saturday, June 11, 2005

Bookcrossing anyone?

Finally I've finished Dahl's book (Boy & Going Solo)! And it has become one of my favorites. I love well written biographies. I don't understand why people read fictions. Movies make more sense. How people can be so inclined towards it is beyond me. It's not real and it's full of good sentences. It's probably because I'm not a good writer. I don't know how to appreciate beautiful sentences. Yea that's probably it. With that said, I love children books! Hmm... how did that happen?

Unlike some, I wasn't born bookworm. There are people who since small couldn't get their eyes/hands off of books and those are officially bookworms since birth to me. I remember started to love reading but then because of lack of books laying around the house so it gradually faded off. Books were never really my thing until 2003, when I discovered! Being a generous as I was *bows* (thank you thank you), I was quickly absorbed to the idea of leaving id'ed books to be found by someone else and later get to know where/who it ended up with. If you really think about it, what are the chances you're going to reread your books again?? Me? Zero. Nada. Exceptions only apply to a few books. But then I released 2 of my favorite books last year. Well I was not just going to keep it gathering dust on shelf, was I? And I was fascinated by plenty of hot new books at the time. So no time there and there they went, a trip abroad reaching Europe and the US, something that would not have been possible if it wasn't for Heck even bookcrossing is added to Oxford dictionary due to its colossal growth.

What I really like about it is the community. You can never find any more generous community like it anywhere else online. I've received over 10 books last year just out of the kindness of bookcrossers and the beauty of it all. They traded books on trust basis and carry along integrity with them. You'll kind of grow some respect for them eventually for their unselfishness. Of course there are few bad asses in the crowd. And who can blame them.

But personally, it's not only about receiving. You have to give if not equally. It's about sharing, not abusing. Yeah well being in Asia and not so many active asian bookcrossers compared to those of in US/Europe, and I can't always afford sending books any more further than Australia,... lots of bookrays ended up with me. Now my shelf size is bigger than before which is only amusing temporarily. I have to pass it on. No good sitting duck when somebody else can enjoy reading them no? I don't profess myself a bookworm. I'm more of a casual reader.

I have always believed that people are generally nice. has seriously proved me that. Being nice isn't that bad. So bookcrossing anyone?

OOooohh... warm night. When's it going to rain???

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