Friday, June 17, 2005

I took a day off yesterday. Woohoo!!

It was such a good day I tell you lah. I went to bed last Tuesday talking to myself how on earth I was going to work given my emotional state. Talking to yourself is never a good sign so I decided I wouldn't go to work, even if I got fired.

Okay that's way overboard - I love my job. But I was determined on not going. I woke up as early as 5.30am yesterday reevaluating what was I doing, to give myself enough time if I ever changed my mind. I was worried about a major meeting that was going to take place in the morning and it was important for me to be there. But then the last time I took an EL was last year when my uncle passed away. I was worried but too much on my head wasn't going to help the meeting anyway. After sms'ing the secretary, I went back to sleep.

I wasn't planning sleeping all of it off it would only lead to more sulkiness. So in the morning I read a book, before I watched Star Wars Episode V & VI, Daredevil and Kingdom of Heaven. Prepared lunch and then back to book. For tea time, I made some karipap - been long since I indulged myself in the making of kuih realm (hey I got no complaint and they disappeared fast)... The night was spent watching tv and went to bed around 11pm. Had last read of the day before I fell asleep to the most satisfactory night! It's rare to find me not regaining the conciousness to take off my glasses before shut eye. That must've meant good sleep no?

It was good because I woke up today so refreshed, content and feeling much much less miserable. It's a wonder how a spontaneous decision can lift you up. I drove home on Tuesday singing along out loud, further enhanced with my silly voice, over the songs on radio. That's a cue already for a good spank - how tense and depressed I was. Good decision I made huh. So there's one little life lesson - trust your instinct!

I see my cbox is working again. That made me feel better already.

Learned that a collegue is going to start a new life as a lecturer. I'm getting greener every second!!! Life as a researcher/scientist, what could be more rewarding?

Ok I'm off to bed.

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