Friday, June 24, 2005

I think everyone who already a bookcrosser knows the existence of or at least knows the concept. I've been participating since early last year so I'm spreading the news here.

You browse any theme of relay index and you get to see the latest book offer for that particular theme. Accept the book offer (the book will be mailed to you by the person who offers the book), and in return you have to offer a book (in line with the theme) and do the same to whoever accepts it. Can you not see why I love this community already? It's like browsing a bookstore and regardless the type of book you pick, hardcover or paperback, thick or thin, the price to pay is the shipping cost of the book you offer.

But let's not be such a bad ass here. If you receive, you have to give too. Play nice.

I've finished reading this book!!! Finally. It's difficult to find time to read these days. I'm currently on Shipping News, but I find it difficult to read. I've reread the few first pages countless times already but I couldn't register the story in my head. Probably Pulitzer winning books are all like that except for Angela's Ashes - my favourite book that has been released forever to the wild. Or probably because it's fiction I put in less effort. That's the last time I join rings/rays for Pulitzer fictions just for the sake of trying out. Urrghhh!


My boss's father-in-law passed away last night (al-fatihah). I heard he went out for only 10 minutes after taking care of arwah for the whole day, when he came back, arwah was already gone. And now my boss is probably in Terengganu for the funeral. It must've been hard for him since arwah had been living with him for quite a long time. Arwah was like his own father. We were all feeling very sorry for him in the office when we got the news. We know how close they were.


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