Monday, September 27, 2004

Gloomy Monday

Got back really late from Taiping yesterday and I still feel oh so tired and spent. Got out of home as early as 6.30am and only back at 7pm. I was the one who was behind the wheel, all the way baby... except the minor trips to my brothers' places nearby, mother took over. Did some shopping, bought mother and me handbags. Parit Buntar offers some of those attractive prices around. Not a happening place but still...

God knows how sleepy I am in this 'wee hour' of office morning. I can't get my brain to work yet. I've been trying to get Rizal on the line but he's unreachable most of the time which makes me all restless and edgy. I can't get my work done if he doesn't hand me over the latest base maps. Now my stomach isn't feeling so good.

I got back at 4pm last Saturday. Was doing the outline for the thing the boss had discussed with us earlier. Am trying to make it a habit, doing it right away or I'd forget/be lost recalling those usually important ifty nifty bits. And I met my bestfriend Amelia afterwards! Had some drinks and took the time to catch up with gossips and news. Turned out she's engaged to Saiful. I don't know him but I'm sure he's okay and both of them are happy together. Also a few of my childhood friends are engaged. It was good to see old friendly faces that day.

I listened to Hero by Enrique Iglesias on my way to work today. I haven't heard that song for a looooong time now. Hmm... must look for it online... heh! But first, washroom awaits.

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