Monday, September 13, 2004

4 Gmail invites available.. for now that is....

Logged in the mailbox this morning and found out that I could invite 6 other people. Already used 2. I posted in an alumni's yahoo group and it looks like it's going to take forever to get 4 other replies. Oh whatever. I'm not the one missing the fun... heh!

I just got the base maps from Asset Dept. We only require the base maps not their layer. What are we going to do with assets? We don't know assets management as they clearly do and we won't be interested in doing so anyway. Why it took so long to reach here is not quiet a mystery. I'd say inefficiency in communication. And the tendency of random groundless, not factually-based assumptions which leads to all those accusations. Wehh..kalau ada mende tak paham, just ask/enquire, for the sake of clarification and people can take actions accordingly! Tensi mahhhhh...

A whole month wasted like that.

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