Tuesday, September 7, 2004

I have an account!

All thanks to David Marcus, a journalist from Albany, New York for a penpal swap. I've heard about this free Gmail thing about a month ago and didn't really do anything to get it. It was a sudden calling when Baizurah emailed me yesterday. Oh heck, I got to have one too.

So I did a google and came across GmailSwap which I happily abused to get my invitations... heh! Asked Vick also whether he'd heard about it (he's an IT project manager currently Sabah-based) to which he answered yes and his guys were looking at it whether to use it or not. And he asked one of his guy Shahnaz to invite me.. hehehehehehe... I couldn't help smiling. Although the invite hasn't come in yet but it's okay. I've already have one account, I'm so bloated. I should treat myself another McD's meal.




1 GB people... email me all you want...

I don't know how long the gratuit thingee will last. I'm officially one of the beta tester...heh! Not that I'm going to test anything...

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