Monday, September 6, 2004

Recruiting Committe

Just had been accepted to the committee. This one is Women Who Believe online group. Have been in the group for more than 3 months now but had't really done anything active. So I though recruiting wouldn't take so much of my time. Since I have to submit assignments weekly to SEA Graphics Committe.

Oh I love being in an online group. Feels like I'm contributing something to people eventhough I don't know them. That's the idea that I like very much. I'm not much of a social type of person. I don't mingle and blend that easily. I'm quite shy at times. Confined spaces make me dizzy. I don't react well with crowds. This is a good way to interact with people (globally) for me. I laugh often. I treasure my privacy. I appreciate my circle of friends. And I believe we can get away with almost anything with genuine heartfelt smiles. Maybe because I'm a good listener, I don't talk often so people tend to think I'm a snob?... heheh.. I don't mind. Free country.

Visited a lot of interesting sites today through webrings. Invited them to join WWB along the way.

Got myself a pretzel on Sunday.


Cinnamon & sugar! Yummy....

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