Monday, October 4, 2004

Joyous Weekend


Wow I had a blast on the weekend! ICT Family day in Damai Laut, Perak - Swiss Garden Resort & Spa. What a beautiful place! Secluded and tedious road to get to there but beautiful. No mobile network whatsoever which was good in a way. Was lucky to get a room with a sea view from balcony (shared room with Husna). Had fun while I was there...taking pictures of places most of the time with my artistic manual camera... eheh! There were people recording videos as well...can't wait to see the after edit result.

Got back real late yesterday. It could've been 6pm arriving home safe and sound, not 9, hadn't it not because of the spontaneous decision dropping by Lumut! All blame goes to tireless shopping excercise there - we apparently were acting like we haven't seen ikan kering, ikan bilis and seafood snacks before..hahah... The real tourist award would've gone to Thira... poking, gasping, getting excited at everything in sight... hehehehehehehehe.... I didn't buy much, just the common sea shore thingy the locals always sell... snacks and ikan kering..

The time spent in Kamal's car was a sure memorable one of course. We had a hell of a ride. Oh it was fun and exhilarating. Had the chance to explore another side of me and I actually liked it! Surely I wouldn't mind doing it again.

I'm talking about the way he drives you twit!

It's not for the faint-hearted. He's one crazy driver. I don't mind he did it because I trust his judgement so I got nothing to worry about. Spent a few times levitating while on the road... but I'm okay. It's Iti who couldn't stand it.. =) poor Iti... at least kete Kamal tak de ah bau hancing...hahahah...


... The ever cool Liza was trying to get some zzzz but was disrupted by occasional bumps every now and then.... isk isk Kamaaal....


But of course all thanks to Kamal to sustain a 14 hour of driving for that 2 days. A good man with a wicked playful but kind heart. Tenkiu also goes to Iti for the homey drink and for some extra ringgits you spent for me.. eheheheh..lain kali leh banje lagik eh... teehehe....


Big thanks to all the sponsors who made it possible... I love you all


Speech is over. Am so spent and I felt some bones were misplaced waking up this morning. That's what you get when you have fun on weekends....

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