Wednesday, September 22, 2004

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Just out of the monthly staff meeting. Some interesting issues highlighted. Well it was okay considering how everybody is doing today. It's just me, feeling a little bit weird today, thinking everybody is down for some reason.

Problems on proxy here sent me on mini hiatus for the past week. Also I've finished Honor Lost (or known as Forbidden Love somewhere else) and was outraged about it how the writer describes Islam. It's probably fictional so it infuriated me even more. People do these kind of stuff for a living these days, by creating controversial issues, pointing out views and everything, regardless of sensitivity level which various people have. I don't have a problem with that, in fact I love diversity, makes the world go round. Ms. Khouri has spoken up her voice but I'm sure not everyone is comfortable with some of her opinions. I for one feel that she didn't do her research well and thorough on Islam's history. Even if she did, for me she delibarately puts her words towards downgrading Islam. Hey, it's my faith and belief and I can't help defending...

I understand that the book is about honor killing and the culture that is behind it and how Jordanians react to it. While I agree completely with her that honor killing has its roots in time predated Islam, it's still not right blaming Islam for having founded by 'vicious warriors' and surrounded by it's 'early war and bloody battles history' has endorsed the illigal practice. Now I'm sure every nation on earth has its fair share on warfare, not just Islam. The history tells us that these 'bloody battles' were not initiated by muslims. Furthermore these 'vicious warriors' only existed on battlefields, they were exceptional individuals in their daily lives. Also needless to say and it's crucial to note that Islam promotes peace. Even in battles there are rules and etiquttes to follow. Women and children staying inside homes were unharmed during wars. And warfare should be the last thing on earth muslims should do, is best avoided.

If the book is non-fiction then I'm sorry they had to grow up in Jordan. But if it's not (they're still investigating) then I'm furios at the way she depicts Islam.

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