Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I love my name

Comparing now and my older times spent on the net, I found myself using my name as my nick/username most of the time now than before. I only used my aliases before it hit me that my name is not as plain as Jane or Joe. So I started to use Nuhaa everywhere and hasn't encountered any troubles since (so far). By that I mean no nuhaa7493 or nuhaa_my_28914y and the like. What I like most is that people can refer me by my real name which I think is pretty appropriate and personal.

I guess why I didn't think of it before is because probably I'm scared of identity theft... okay that sounds too serious, by lighter example: people pretending to be me in chatrooms and using my good name to their favor etc. I've had bits of my fair share here and there. Neopets tastes bittersweet to me.

It's just my nature, being cautious and all. But I've learned that the possibility I got scammed by immatured uncivilized barbarian individuals is almost zero by being polite. People are generally actually kind. I've found an awful lot of them in various online communities. Therefore I don't have much to worry about as long as I play nice.

Be grateful. Grow up. Okay don't. But be good.

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