Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of the year updates

How was christmas everyone? I'm back at the office on the 2nd last day of the year. People are still holidaying I guess - the road was clear this morning. Mood yang sangat santai di ofis, memandangkan ramai orang cuti :p. The rest of my team is on leave so I'm kinda alone here but who cares. Oh well.

I read the news yesterday that Israel is starting a war or something? WTF? Sudahla dia block the road from any bantuan kemanusiaan masuk since long time ago, now they want to invade Gaza? On what basis? Hamas?? You started the whole thing and now you're blaming others pulak? And the US seems to support the invasion, tell me what's new. I'm sorry to say this in public but Israel can go to hell.

There I've said it.

Now we move on with events surrounding my personal life right now. Attended a cousin's engagement ceremony last Sunday and I met Farah of OSCC (formerly)! Said she's the bride-to-be's best friend since primary school. That got my mom worried hahaha... We're hoping for the best of course. Farah is Farah, nice girl and everything but abit of a wild side anyone would notice. But she's cool.

My car is in dire need of some tyre alignment. Got me really scared the other day when exiting on a ramp, something happened and I almost lost control of the car. S-C-A-R-Y. Alignment pronto.

That said, the car needs its periodical service also (oil change bla bla bla). Can anyone tell me any Perodua service center around Putrajaya/Cyberjaya? It's hell to go back to Klang just because there's the only place I know that has it. Of course I've googled but if people told me about it I tend to remember it better. Such lame excuse but yea I'm practicing writing important notes down now so I won't forget it. I'm a forgetful person. Oh yea I got this cute little notebook with super hot jacket from Prudential (thanks Ping Ting!). The notebook jacket is black and red (oooh I like) and what's more the jacket can be used as passport holder. How I longed for a passport holder ever since I got my passport - that's a few years back.  It looks ugy now what with wear and tear but it's going to be kept in it's pristine condition from now on tra la la la....

What else? Oh for last Friday I have to thank abdza for packing up my stuff in the office and Saro for any any covering up for me heh, it was really an emergency thing. Went to meet up friend to pick up my stuff on lunch break. Supposed to be back in office after that but things happened and yea I was in a tied position. Sometimes there's other matters that weighs more than work. I found my laptop safe this morning - I was worried. Now today my Friday work comes on top and interrupting my planned Tuesday list. Seems I have alot to do but still have time to blog...heheh... I'm flexible, can't you tell already.

Came in the office with my right part of the upper head hurt. Had coffee and then it was fine. Hmmm didn't figure stuff as poisonous as caffeine would be the right fix.

Planned to do year end shopping but lot looks like that not going to happen.. *sigh*

Which reminds me I haven't collected the RM600+ road tax reimbursment thingy yet. The light bulb kinda went on early this morning out of nowhere. Hmmm... that money will go to credit card payment obviously. Still no shopping for me. Sad,

I have to get my eyes checked. I couldn't read the signboards from decent distance this morning. That got me worried.

Right now I'm planning a secret project, nothing to do with IT, none whatsoever. No I'm not furthering my studies. No I'm not changing job. No I'm not starting up a business. No it's nothing to do with computers. Nothing to do with IT, none whatsoever. So stop fiddling around figuring out what it is. And no I'm not going to entertain private message/email enquiries. Friends who know me know how I can keep it sealed as long as I want. So don't bother. *insert creepy laughs with eerie background music here*


  1. rasanya Perodua yg paling dekat di Bangi, di kawasan kilang berdekatan dengan exits Plus Kajang tu

  2. Kat puchong pun ade... just before TOL Puchong Barat (last LDP toll if you are heading to USJ/Shah Alam Hicom)

  3. Whilst there is enough blame to go around (the Arabs aren't exactly innocent either), Israel is just being evil now.Gandhi said it best: an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. The Middle East, really, needs a Gandhi. Or a Martin Luther King. Or a Mandela (at least, the Mandela of the early years). The Israelis and Arabs need to learn the lessons of Satyagraha, to come to peace with each other and themselves.

  4. Salam.Nuha. Salam Maal Hijrah. Btw, the 15R4EL are always as they are and what they are meant to be. Hmm. Biar Allah jer yg bagi azab kat diaorang tu.Hey, what's your new project about. Huhu. Can't wait. Take care.

  5. @aran @apz: thanks! that's considerably so much nearer to my place than klang @Ditesh: ur right. i'm not saying the arabs are innocent either, sometimes they can get pretty violent too. i'm abit biased anyway, i cant deal with innocent children and women and fellow muslims dying in attacks like that. @emmachan: woh! baby dah kuar blom?? ni nak kena check kat blog ni. no more new project talk is going to be mentioned henceforth in this here my baby blog :p

  6. Dah service lom kete ko?kat seri kembangan pn ade gak perodua service....refer cni....http://www.perodua.com.my/index.php?section=salesservice&page=service&amp...

  7. Aku tau.... ni mesti projek nak tawen! miahahahahahhaaa

  8. Nuha ...oooi....

  9. @dcharmed: setau aku projek tu ko yang punye@wani: heh wani

  10. Berhampiran bangi mana SC yang paling bagus