Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Went to see Yes Man last Satuday nite and it was fun fun fun! I don't really like Jim Carey in comedy except in The Mask - I don't really like that elastic face going on in every movie he's in :p For example, Ace Ventura. It is way off unrealistic (but still managed somehow to come off funny to me). But hey, I prefer serious acting, not cheap face stunts ok. Good laughs and all but it made me cringe abit.

He's also starred in many serious movie roles and I think I've seen them all, just because I wanted to see him trying out something else. But he is what he is, he does it best in comedy. This movie is no exception. Only that he's a real normal person in this, something anyone on earth can relate to.

So I recommend it highly to whoever still contemplating to see it. It's entertaining. You're going to have lots of lol's and maybe lortf's who knows....

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