Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm going to PD this weekend


For my high school reunion thing. Received the invitation card in mail last week, was so surprised by it actually. Cool organising committee! Yeah I salute you people.

They've attached a map inside - alhamdulillah coz I have no idea where it is. In the agenda - "Make sure you have something RED with you". Hmmmm... what's that about? I have ALOT of red stuff. Actually I would've bought a red car but my mom was againts it so I picked white instead. Does that make me a red person? Never crossed my mind though, not until I saw the agenda that triggered all this walking down the memory lane looking for anything red.

Anyways, I don't know what to expect. All I know is I'm going to meet the married version of my friends - heh! Husbands/wives/kids in tow. Should be cute. Especially when learning their kid's names - omg you wouldn't believe how modern my friends can be.

Should ask if they're having a 'konvoi' or something. If there's possibility of carpooling and whatnot. Hikmah - my high school best friend called me the other night out of the blue. Being naughty as the way she is, she wouldn't introduced herself at first. But hey I'm good at recognising voices... :P Each and everyone has a distinct way of talking, pronounciating and emphasizing. You can't hide from me Hikmah.

What red stuff should I bring?


  1. Hi nuhaNice weekend huh :) the nite game sure nice.Link my blog into urs. I'm doing it too.Thank u.And welcome back to work tmrw hehe...

  2. yup sure. hey i only start working on tuesday :p