Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I have finished HP 7 some weeks ago and I must say I don't really like it. Yak.

And right now I'm reading Trading Up and I'm not even quarter-way through the book and I'm saying right now that I don't like it, at all. What a waste. Yak Yak. I'll send it away to someone in BookCrossing.

I was driving home today and something came up in my mind. I was imagining a life of my own - alone. I don't know why or how it came to me but it was fascinating. Getting a cat and eating vanilla ice cream while writing letters on my bed sounds intriguingly inviting. Cats and ice creams maybe not fascinating to you but it is to me. I'm not good with cats. Or any pets for that matter. While I LOVE vanilla ice creams, I've never done it with letters, or on my bed. I would have ice creams filled up my fridge and enjoy them anytime I want - while watching tv, while doing work, while watching dvds, while driving to work, while listening in skypecast, while every possible thing. I would get home and play with my cat first. Then I would ask him how his day was. And then I would complaint about work and how the weather had been so odd. He would be bored of course but then I would reward him with his favorite food. When I go to bed I would let my cat sleep with me.

Oh my, I'm so out of sync. It doesn't sound as exciting now. But then again it was what kept me away from the traffic jam.

I've had other glimpses of various lifestyle (well you can't do nothing much when you're driving alone but imagining things) but they're far more cruel and free and unforgivably high spirited so I'm not going to tell anyone but my closest circle who asks. Lalalala.

Hey I'm so interested in Wikify project. More on that later.

And I have to spread the word: The prizes are ok. I've registered but don't know when can I upload anything...hehehe.

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