Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bayar la woi

Just saw the news on tv about these reluctant PTPTN-aided students. They're are going to make it mandatory on 2010 to bayar balik through potongan gaji.

Ni tak puas ati ni. I don't like people intruding my payslips ok. I prefer setting up my own standing instructions online (like I do now) where I can see the transaction details anytime I want. Or cancel anything in an instant. That way I feel I'm in control of my own money. Of course I'm not going to cancel my monthly PTPTN contributions - I have a right mind. But look at what you self centered jerks have done to my life. And I'm not going to be nice about it now.

As far as I know, if you can afford to your ciggie packs or new set of cosmetics every other week, you sure can afford to pay back your loan. How hard can it be? My money rule is simple, you set aside an amount for your parents. Then with the balance you pay all you bills due lah including your PTPTN. After that take some for your savings. The balance, do whatever you like lah.

What you think you can run away from paying bills ke? You think one day it's just going to magically dissappear and you can enjoy everything free? Hello la brader wake up. There's no way you can run away from your responsibilities. Sikit punya baik govemen tolong you earn your degree, and now you're earning good money, is being grateful so hard to do? If you're muslims and not paying back - what a shame. Ingat la skettt even orang mati syahid pun tak lepas kalau hutang tak abes bayar wehh.

I'm not trying to potray myself in a good light here. I'm just so angry with these people, who has no virtue at all. One thing is if you don't pay, the amount will add up la because of the monthly interest. Second thing is, one of the reason they're stopping to convert loans to scholarships for top scorers is because you meat heads won't pay back. Ape jenis hati you people posses hah? Di buatnya someday your kids tak dapat loan and you don't have money to send them to university, hah time tu baru nak melompat.

And then there's these people who live a lifestyle far more extravagant than what they can afford. Stop living in fantasy lah, step up and stop acting like a spoilt teenager. Do you really need that sport rim? Do you really need that extra heels? Do you really need to expand your already big wardrobe? Bayar loan dulu. Kalau ada duit lebih, aa suka ati la nak wardrobe besar mana pun.


Like I said I don't like people intruding my payslips. In 2010 I may have to oblige. Kalau ye pun takde duit, susah sangat ke nak bayar at least RM50 tiap bulan. At least bayar tiap bulan whatever the amount. Don't give me that takde duit talk ok. Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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