Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beautiful morning


Awwww isn't he adorable. His mom wrote me a latter, telling me he's in KG2 now. I guess that means kindergarten level 2? Wrote him a letter the other day. With my handwriting it's going to be hard for the staff to translate to lebanese languange but hey I wrote really really big. Short and sweet.

You know when you spend more time typing than writing, when you get the chance to write it strikes you funny. You'll try to find the perfect position for your hand to sit on the table while holding the pen. I write on blank paper. Even though I'm used to it and can write in beautiful straight lines, I was struggling to get it right. I'm looking out for new penpals this time. The thing about penpals you have to accept is that 80% of them won't last. But something you lost, you'll gain back in the future. You just going to have to keep at it. In the long run, if you're persistent enough you'll be surprised at how long you've been corresponding with each other.

I must admit penpaling is not for everyone. What with emails and technology, some people find it unproductive to still write and go to the post office when you can write and get a reply within a few hours. I'm just saying I still feel it is well worth it.

And now what do we have here?


Ahhh... stacks of kad raya! Every year I send out the same amount. I send them to close friends, former close friends, future close friends, special close friends and recently made friends..... hehehehe..... Notice, no family. Hahaha! I see them everyday so what's the point. Except for Ammar since he's abroad. Wait till he's all settled and figured out what he's address is.

My inai on my fingers dah nak abis. So have to apply new. I tried the one in tube mak bought me. The color is yellowish orange. It's supposed to be reddish orange! Last time I tried another tube and the color wowed me but it faded so quickly I was so frustrated. This thing in tubes is perfect if you want to decorate your hands with all sorts of flowers and plants which I personaly dislike. Honestly, I don't like henna in a tube. I prefer grinding the henna leaves and make the paste myself. It's not that hard. You don't have to add some nasi or anything else. I wonder where the rubbish comes from. Just leave it to the leaves. They work magic.

I'm thinking of letting my hair grow long. I don't know. Maybe I keep it short as always. Maybe this time long?

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