Wednesday, January 3, 2007


I love my watch, for quite the obvious reasons.
1. The adorable dial face
2. Those freakin holes... hahaha
3. RM19.90


I can never find any scent quite as distinctive as Lolita Lempicka. Past experience has tought me a lesson. I since find myself looking for alternatives. I know they haven't stopped the production like it was falsely reported but you know, taking extra measure steps and all - keeping the spritzing down abit. Anyway, scent like this should be kept for special occasion shouldn't it.

It was so hard picking the one I like, took me months...

Anyway, I've always liked this. I've had this since uni time. I've found it difficult to find around here. Pehal la sume yang aku suka sume susah cari. Uwaaaa!!!!! Or maybe I'm not looking at the right place.


Newly acquired. I like it but I think everybody has this so I'm thinking of looking for other recommendations when I go to Penang. They got great sales people there. They have knowledge. Hmmmm..... bila plak nak balik Penang nihhh.


While Lolita will be seen on my dressing table till the day I die, those two will alternately keep me smelling nice (oooh yeah). As they're less expensive than an EDP (yes yes yes) so that makes one thing: they're free to be abused by yours truly every day and night, night and day... muahahahahahah...!!

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