Thursday, January 11, 2007


The connection is shitty here in Brunei. Okay it's not Brunei, it's this particular website we're working on. Seriously those people responsible for network and connection there don't have a clue what they're working with OR maybe they've tried but there's nothing they can do anymore to fix it so help them god.

Until it's fixed then only can I do my work so help me god.

Got here yesterday. And I must say the trip, although it was tiring, was very pleasing. I met such an agreeable gentleman on the plane. He's attending his sister-in-law's son's wedding here. He was travelling with his family. He's got 4 great kids. Amanda, Isabelle, Marcus and one more girl (I forgot the name already - starts with J). He's in baja selling business for about 4 years now. The company he works for is owned by Richard Koh (or was it Robert Koh), claimed to be one of the richest man in Malaysia. Before that he worked in data center for Tabung Haji in Kelana Jaya. He lives in Damansara Utama with his family. He's been to France. He demostrated on the plane how being in plantation business is much more profitable than in IT hardware. It's interesting to know that all those plantation giants are going to merge soon. He uses the airsick bag to throw the sampah and let the Air Asia to do some real work instead of just walking up and down the aisle. He reads on the plane. He thinks flying Air Asia is a waste of time (flight delays are most likely to happen). He offered me sweets before the the plane took off. With the kids, he's still got a long way to go. He theorized lightheartedly that kids these days wants all the expensive stuff, let the parents use the cheap ones. He exampled one of his girls walking in front of us pointing at her backpack, and then pointed at me and my backpack. Aiyah I felt a sheepish grin on my face (this one is different, I paid for it).

In the plane, Marcus asked me how long would it take for the plane to crash. At one point his dad was explaining about something he asked earlier. He didn't believe him and then proceed to declare his dad is a bullshit artist. And then he said Isabelle is a katak bawah tempurung...hahaha...

Anyway my point is I didn't even know this guy before I got in the plane. And the icebreaker was only "Is this seat taken?" (and hearing Marcus asking about the aircond not being cold enough later on - I just had to smile at a child's curiosity). I got out of the plane feeling exuberated. You know that kind of feeling when you suddenly think the world is a wonderful place with kind people to live with. Hey remember here I was heading to the dreadful Brunei, you have to give me credit for trying. And thank the family for that lively encounter.

I didn't get the gentleman's name though. Could it be Richard (or Robert) Koh himself?? hehehehehe couldn't resist imagining the unimaginable. Maybe not coz he seems very down to earth kind of guy.

Oh I finally got to put on henna on my fingers last Teusday. It's been so long. If people think henna is a sign of being engaged or married, that's just so katak bawah tempurung... hahaha