Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tools and Smith

I love this idea: Gradefix. Intelligent homework management system for students.

And I love this: A community of people who make art, crafts and handmade products, combining a social network, gallery and store. I remember those days when handmade greeting cards were my specialties. And buttons! How long was it since my last crochet????

New site: senduit. A web service for file sharing. Upload a file and get a shareable link that can expire in a determined amount of time. 100MB limit.

I've always been using if I need to email someone those big big files. Has been a gem ever since Koh introduced it to me. This one has no size limit but they only keep it like 3 days or so.

The other day I watched The Pursuit of Happiness. I have to tell you what a heartwarming performance it was. I've never seen Will Smith in that light before. Before it has always been catchy lines and action packed and hip hop music. Well just listen to the background score and you'll definitely agree with me. I went to check Oscar nominations afterwards and surprise surprise there he is under the coveted Performance by a Leading Actor category. All I'm saying is he's good.

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