Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Home again finally. But with lots of work waiting to be done. With the router had to be returned (again) due to service incompetency of Aztech people or they probably do that on purpose of warranted items.... can't figure out which one. The point is I have to tarik the cable and replug everything somewhere else. I have to drag myself and notebook out of my room to get connected. This, ladies and gentlemen, is just so uncivilized. What's the point of having a notebook if you can't be mobile and be at ease connecting from wherever you are. Blech. No matter. I have somehow tricked my mind of believing that doing some work not in my room could actually be more productive. How so? Well I've wasted enough time to perform the witchcraft on my mind just now and truth be told I don't give a damn to how's and why's of things anymore. Thank you very much.

Thank goodness I don't have to come to the office for work for a week. Lots of self adjustments waiting in line. Time to wake up and get dressed for instance. And I have to be mentally prepared again to be working late hours in the office. There's insane pressure to face.

This is true. No matter how bad Brunei is, it's still very laid back kind of work environment we had there. While I was here prior to Brunei, I was given task this and that to complete. I remember I was more like a living skeleton than a human being. So you know how deflated I am at the thought of starting over. But then again, it's my choice from the beginning. I just have to get on with it. Afterall, what are we if not choices we made in life.

Okay. I'm actually fighting my heavy lids right now. Oh I was just thinking of something when I'm writing this. You know, if a doctor says he's busy and doesn't have a life, you can relate and understand why. But when a developer says he's busy and doesn't have a life, you get all sceptical and critical. Why is that? While a doctor saves lives, a developer makes life so much easier. Sometimes they even saves lives too. In different context of course but who can deny it if I am to mean it literally.


Anyway, I'm just perplexing my brain tissues. Lots of things to get over with. Tea please! Black. Extra sugar. On the double!

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