Monday, January 29, 2007

Post breakup

Awww... he's so sweet - compliments of Adda. Proves that nice men are around.

In a mad Sunday mood today I ordered 4 books totalling RM101.40 from MPH, with their having sales and free gift and all. Quiet a thoughtless purchase but they're books so what the heck right. All of them are chik lits with romance theme. I don't know why when I need to grieve and be miserable I would buy something to encourage me cry. Actually I don't really mind how much I'm paying for it. Last time I bought some really tear jerker DVD's and I was bawling at the end of watching each. What a drama. But it felt soooo good afterwards. I figured it's easier to spend one night and focusing your energy to get everything out of your system in one sitting than having to fake a smile every single day.

And today also I've decided to sponsor a child! In Lebanon no less. RM50 a month, not going to burn a hole that big no? What a sudden turn. But I've always dreamed of doing this since years before but lots of other organisation are asking over RM80, well that's just not within my budget. We should start small shouldn't we?

Well that's it for today. I'm going back to Malaysia this 31st for good. Can't wait to be home.

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