Monday, December 11, 2006

"apakah fungsi panadol. they don't have an effect on me."

Astonishing the amount of people reacting to my online status a few days back. Haha.

Wasn't expecting it at all. I was feeling so weak. It felt terrible. Hence, the not so subtle online status. Downed some panadol but all they do was cooling me off only for a while. The next morning the temperature was rising high again like it was on a ride or something. And fever being infectious as it is, the whole house has it now. The damp weather is not helping either (baju basuh tak kering... arrrgghhhh!!).

Now I'm gulping water like never before. Tomorrow have to go to work. Isk. My head doesn't feel light like it was before last Friday. I feel like I'm breathing fire... and I feel like I have Cyclops's eyes...


Am waiting for Adda's drugs completing its work.

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