Friday, December 1, 2006

Quick update

Well well what do you know. I'm at the airport waiting for the delaying flight to take off. Besa la Air Asia kalau tak delay dalam sehari tu tak sah.

Just feeling like updating since I've been told that the connection at home is shitty at the moment, so I won't be online for 5 days people. How refreshing. That means no work for me at least. Punya la risau aku takut tak sempat catch up dateline this coming Wednesday. I had only 1/2 hour sleep last night. And I've been feeling like dropping off there and then here since getting here - I'm soooo sleepy. Good that the zombie hours has paid off though. Tiada igauan hajah sepanjang cuti-cuti malaysia.....

Probably will catch some zzz during the flight. Forgot to down up the pills mom bekalkan ari tu. Risau pening wehhhh... tak pasal2 je bleh muntah nanti.

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