Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Car got hit

Was on EL yesterday. Something smashed my car from left!! And the thing I hate most is I don't know what hit it. It's not a car I'm sure. My best bet is probably some rock or debris from nearby accident got run by a car on the left lane and got thrown to me. Aiyak! Ingat lagi muka pakcik india tuh. Dah la ngimpit orang ke tepi pehtu buat muka slamba jek! Huh!! Last-last skirting pecah. Punya la kuat impact. Hmmm... come to think about it now it makes sense: why he made sudden swerve to his right and got really really close to me. He must've tried to elak the thing and turned out he didn't succeed and now look what he has done to me!!!! Selfish little piece of ass. Oh god.

I got lucky because the thing didn't go through the window glass or something or it would've been my head instead yang pecah! So there you go, pointless I know if I keep bragging about it now since it has happened. And it's not even my fault to start with! Now with low budget skirts replacing the old ones, I have to bear an ugly car for the rest of my life!

Oh well, it's an accessory not the engine so I should take comfort in that.

Another extra that's completely out of topic here: http://12mu.com/30/. Can't help feeling kesian. What's going on people?

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