Monday, February 13, 2006

New day dawns

Last Saturday was a working one. And out of the blue, well they had obvioulsy planned and agreed upon this earlier but I just got to know on that day, that all ICT staff's workstations were being upgraded in RAM... wahahahahah gelak besau tak hengat punya laaaa... it's about time lah. Why do you think we're called developers anyway? We should be equipped with some functional practical powerful desktop along to complete any task faster. Ask any IT person they would agree on this. Heck ask syam he'll dancing on the answer in no time...muahahahahah!!

Anyway, this starts a new day today. We've moved to another building but still within the same compound. Ja!! Kitorang pindah bangunan elektrik wehhh... tingkat atas skali plak tuh. Unit Kak Izan jek. Only skang tak jadik unit dah, dah jadik department. ICT is a division now. Woohoo!! Ada manager baru lagi plak tuh. Manager lelaki, baik la gak. Tau je la camana bos pilih orang kan... Tapi sian plak sebab anak buah dia sume pempuan...kihkihkih....


Forgot to click the shutter before packing stufff up. Well that was how good my place was... minus the dust since it was behind the pc. Who would've noticed yea...hehe... I left it for Kamal to clean it up... Got to give him some extra work to do if he's going to take over my place there.


And presenting my new place. Clean and neat huh? Well give it some time and it'll look like all hell has broken loose. Anyway, it seems okay for now only that the boss has a direct view to my screen. Aiyak! Never mind. Not that I'm high on anything at anytime anyway. Cheers to my new place!

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