Saturday, February 25, 2006

Uncle Seekers yang laser

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Uncle Seekers Yang Laser

From not having an opinion on him before, I'm starting to not respect that man Uncle lah...after watching the clip.

I mean he's with these 2 distinguished successful personalities... who has proven tracks of academic record and trails of achievement. Why is he making such a fool of himself?? And it's on national tv! He refers himself as a pakar so hmmm.... still I don't like his attitude towards others. I wonder what he did before becoming the penceramah alam mistik & hantu. Dia keje mana dulu ekkkk?

Hantu suka perempuan seksi???? Now how did he come up with the idea? ahahahaahaha!.... Wait... let me roll on the floor laughing.......

To produce a theory like that, you have to conduct calculated and unbiased research over and over and over again. Have it published and the bring up the proof and then you can do the talking. If one thing, only one thing, proved your theory wrong then you're wrong bebeh! You don't need me to provide any examples for you. It's all around. Even when it's not all about logics, you can't berated science lah, especially the experts on the field.

This is so subjective. He's probably got all the support from his team. But I like Dr. Fadzillah Kamsah alot better. He makes sense.

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