Monday, October 18, 2004

Ramadan mulia menjelang lagi....

It's been a year since you came and I'm glad I'm here to have you back again. I'm welcoming you with open arms, I pledge to treat you better before it's to late.


We had a barbeque for breaking the fast yesterday. I spent an hour trying to start the fire and get the barbie ready... Oh what a nightmare! Okay I'm a beginner in this area of expertise so one hour is acceptable, dont' you think? It was a windy afternoon. And I ended up with being terribly smelly.. eeerrrghhhh! (I went to shower right after I finished preparing in the kitchen). Muaz and Ammar looked over the bbq process while I was in the kitchen preparing the gravy. There were some chicken, prawns and cuttlefish. Plus some capsicum, potatoes and a pineapple. I have to say pineapple is my favourite. Cooked to perfection, brownish and glossy, juicy and sweet.... yummy!! The rest wasn't that bad either. I saw clean plates so I did a good job then (heh!).

The day before we had spaghetti with some salad.



Western food are easy to prepare. I love them! But not as much as I love local food of course. I love malaysian food.

What am I doing talking about food in the middle of Ramadan's day?? Must be the vague memory of the weekend has not become vague yet. Ooh yummy pineapple slices!

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