Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bad Morning

Driving to work didn't have my full attention this morning. I kept on evaluating of what we've achieved so far. I was with the IGP people for corrections on base map they're providing for 2 days.

I found it difficult to talk to them at the same wavelength. Shouldn't they as the consultant figure out what the client wants? Do they even realize how immportant the base map is to the Asset Dept.? If they do, they shouldn't have expected us to not have checked the map for accuracy and presentation the way we do here. We take it seriously. How come they don't? I was astonished the way they expected me to just look over the map a little bit here and there, and expected me to settle at 'Okay la tu, Nuhaa. Takde salah dah kot. Perfect dah ni..' ???! Hello! We don't do random picks here. Everything is double-checked thoroughly. That's what PUAS (under)paid me for.

And they were talking about payment all the time when it was not relevent at the time and at the place. Even though they haven't been paid yet, I have to stress here that the process doesn't involve ICT. If they are talking about payment relevant to then, the base map is not acceptable at the moment so the potion for the base map will not be paid yet, for now. We ARE concern about the unpaid business they are suffering from but all we can do is Hj. Suhaimi to slow talk to Hj. Suffian about it, the one who oversees the contract and everything. We are sure of one thing: they'll be paid within a reasonable period of time.

Oh God! I've had enough of this money talk. Go to Roslan straight la people! Truly he's the one who can really help.

What was agreed on the other day is if the 2 day period is not enough, there'll be additional period to finish the task. They should be coming here today but they were being reluctant yesterday. What the hell is going on? I'm furious at the way they do things - bad work ethics. Where's your integrity?? Your boss has agreed on the way things done last 2 days, my boss has too. And it seems additional days are obviously needed. What are you trying to do? Nak lawan cakap bos ker ha? Tensen aku weh...!!!

There are some corrections we discovered that they'd like to do it back at their office. Fine with me. But I presume they don't expect me to go through the map again. ...*major sigh*....

Although there are some minor corrections that can be done by me, the question is not who can do the job. It's who should do it. They seemed not digesting this.

These are nice people in real life, I'm telling you. But don't confuse this with attitude when it comes to work. When you said you'd do it then do it lah by all means. Gain some trust from your client.

Geram siot. Had to get it all off my chest. There I've done it. I can continue my work peacefully.

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