Saturday, October 9, 2004

Mini hiatus again!

The common network problem. They were moving stuff to the server room and got confused which cabel was which (I think).

Oh yes, on Wednesday I was on leave to renew my IC. It was a quick process, got there at 8.30 and was told to get back an hour later. Had breakfast and was there again and it was done at 9.30! I wonder if the leave was necessary at all. Went to a car workshop for some oil service for my car. At 11 my mother and I made a trip to Nilai 1 - shopping. Reasonably cheap. I got a bag at RM9.90 and a kebaya at RM37. Also a sweater at RM17. Paid RM20 for my mother's beautiful piece of cloth (for baju kurung). Hmmm.... should've noticed this place earlier...

Was on our way to pick up Ammar at school at 2.15pm. Headed to Domino's to pick up free pizza beforehand. Went to the workshop again to check on father's 4WD. Was back home at 4.30. After savouring the pizza, went straight to bed and woke up at midnight. Found nothing amusing to be done, went to bed again.

Woke up real dizzy and heavy the next day. It was such a good day.

I'm still in love with Swiss Garden Resort Damai Laut.....

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