Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Selfish bitch

I don't know what else to say. I have a label dedicated for Hajah last time, really don't want it to repeat. It doesn't affect me directly but at least I have a heart. Anyway, initial intention was to ngumpat but after some consideration (plus it had been a happy day for me) I leave the title to speak for itself.

Also someone looked quite handsome today - or was it my eyes been blinded by too much screen staring. Sometimes people look quite different through glasses and in real life. Aiya I need to go see some movie. Get some romantic ideas to celebrate August.

Really itchy to post some pointless pix but maybe later. Really really itchy to get that LPI thing going but I'm already sleepy. First night of having streamyx in the comfort of my room deserves some highlight here: I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION AT HOME. What a brag haha. Hey first nights are special aren't they.

Oh yeah my brother is now a qualified engineer (or so). Tanam anggur currently but I understand why he's doing it. Pix are lots but malas now.

Looks like I'm not mengumpat at all. Sorry for those who've been anticipating. Juicy details has to be in pidgin or during cheap talk among us the app team.... lalalala... I love these people, Saro, Eavay, Pak Lah, and Mr. Foong of course (heh) - janjiku bukan sekadar janji-janji manis. Akan kukotakan jua.

I'm babling here in the middle of the night.

UPDATE: Forgot to say thanks to Khairil and Abdullah for lending me the cams! Now who's my next victim....

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