Monday, August 25, 2008

I like Geany

Maybe because I came from Windows (accustomed to Notepad++ then) ... hey I tried Emacs and Vim, I couldn't get through them. Vi commands, yes I know those - even on Windows I had to ssh/ftp some linux machine every now and then. But to fully use it on daily basis, err.... everything is so different - I felt lost. Maybe I didn't try hard enough to get to know them? Who knows. And given my long time struggle dealing with remembering stuff, I doubt I can cope with too many key strokes. I feel it's enough for now if I know A can do task B without too much details. I live a hectic life, or something like that =P. Geany was such an easy option. Whatever works for me to get my job done and if it's open source, I embrace it with all my heart.

I know I haven't fully utilized it, there's useful nifty features I haven't gone through yet -- Fast, powerful Geany editor offers IDE features.

I don't know about the rest, but one of the things that will attract me to pick an editor apart from it's speed and time needed to learn it is whether or not it offers theme customization (I like working on dark themes - less constraint on my poor eyes). Not about how many shortcuts they have or how many secret Ctrl-Alt combinations you get out of it. That's right I'm not as geek as everyone else here who knows every shortcuts and programming lingo... =P but I find my way around to get it work nonetheless.

Geany and I have been walking nicely hand in hand. I don't think that's going to change soon.

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